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Highlights! NC State holds on at Georgia Tech, 71-69


NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

I feel like Grandpa Joe in Willie Wonka, getting out of bed and stretching his legs for the first time in a couple decades. We won? We won! A basketball game and everything! I got a golden ticket to have a weird acid trip. Or steal fizzy lifting drink, as Dennis Smith has so clearly done.

NC State closed out the first half strongly and appeared to be doing the same in the second before a series of unfortunate events allowed Georgia Tech, which had shown almost no life from the perimeter, to creep back into the game with outside shooting. But I am not here to quibble about anything when it comes to this one; it’s been forever since State won a game, and State broke that losing skid with a win on the road.

I’ll take that, I’ll take these highlights, and I’ll enjoy this game for what it is.