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Tom Crean landing at NC State highly unlikely, per report

[breathes heavy sigh of relief]

NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Minnesota Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

With a tip of the cap to SB Nation Indiana blog Crimson Quarry, here’s a report from Yahoo’s Pat Forde indicating that a possible ejector-seat situation with Tom Crean landing in Raleigh is not a realistic scenario. Some folks, maybe on both the NC State and Indiana sides, had floated Crean as a potential possibility for the Wolfpack’s job given Crean’s current struggles.

I’ve never seen it, personally, and never understood why anyone on the State end of things would want this to happen. Guys, don’t give administrators and coaches ideas, they might end up listening! So hush up on this bad one from here on, okay?

Crean has been wildly inconsistent at perhaps the best job in the Big Ten—the Hoosiers have won league titles, and earned a No. 1 seed in the NCAAs ... and they’ve also missed the NCAAs four times in his nine years there. No thanks.

And as Crimson Quarry outlined, Indiana has a bit of an awkward/unusual situation on its hands with Crean’s status, as well. I guess you could say it’s a little complicated at both Indiana and NC State right now. Certainly nothing indicates there was ever any foundation to speculation that Crean might end up as the Pack’s next head coach.