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It was an emotional senior day for BeeJay Anya

And a little bit awkward, too.

NCAA Basketball: Virginia at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

BeeJay Anya played his last few minutes at PNC Arena on Saturday afternoon. Before the game started, he was escorted out by the entire team during the senior day festivities, and the tears were flowing.

The moment is actually hitting Lennard Freeman harder than it’s hitting Anya, which tells you the kind of relationship they have. Those guys came in to State together and have been good friends for a long time. It is definitely going to be strange not seeing both of them together in the red and white next year.

The ceremony itself was a bit strange, since Anya and Mark Gottfried obviously have been at odds for a lot of the year—you could see it all in the cold handshake between the two as Gottfried handed Anya his framed jersey.

Regardless of the relationship between those two, it hasn’t changed Anya’s constant support for his teammates. Down the stretch he was there on the bench smiling and clapping as State mounted a rally, and that’s been BeeJay all year—supportive of the guys on the floor, never openly sulking about not getting much playing time.

But Anya did get the start today, at least, though he didn’t play again much more after being subbed out about three minutes in. I’d have liked to see him get more time, especially late with the game out of hand, especially since he wanted to get back in and try a three-pointer.