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Florida State rains dunks on NC State, Pack falls 95-71

I’m just gonna hibernate through the rest of this basketball season.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

NC State was in the game Wednesday night in the sense that the players boarded a plane that traveled from Raleigh to Tallahassee, took a bus to the arena in which the game would be played, put on their uniforms, and stepped on the floor for basketball-type substance against another team, as the season schedule required.

In no other way was NC State ever in this blowout loss to Florida State—it was a 10-point margin in the Seminoles’ favor several minutes into the first half, and the Noles never had to look back when they had the luxury of doing whatever they wanted against the Pack’s incompetent defense.

Florida State is really, really good. NC State appears destined to lose out. Tonight was no turning point for either team, it was merely a point in time where everything unfolded with such certainty it might as well have been a movie you’ve seen 50 times. As one scene ends, you remember exactly the one that follows. And so we retire to the bus and the plane and Raleigh and get ready to do this all over again.

The emotions have been squeezed out of me by now so I don’t really feel anything at all but they tell me there needs to be words on this site noting that a basketball game involving my team occurred. So here are the words about that. Well, I mean, those were the words. The ones up there in the top part of the post, above this paragraph.