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Archie Miller’s dad says his son passed on NC State because of trust issues

I guess the whole Miller dealio couldn’t possibly end quietly.

Wichita State v Dayton Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Less than a week after NC State hired Kevin Keatts, Archie Miller accepted the job at Indiana. I thought perhaps we could begin to turn the page on the Miller saga after that news, but no, here’s Archie’s old man, John, keeping the matter alive.

Tom Archdeacon of the Dayton Daily News caught up with the elder Miller for a piece on Archie’s transition to Indiana. When asked about the NC State job, John Miller said this:

“Yeah, everyone thought N.C. State, but I knew that wasn’t gonna happen,” John said. “He knows that place too well. You gotta have trust in the people above you that they’ll stand by you.”

And hoo buddy, there’s about 10 different ways you can interpret that remark, though it’s natural to first read this as a shot at Debbie Yow. Which it may well be, but that’s not the extent of the story here by any means, if I had to guess. Miller does know NC State well—including both current and former administrators, coaches, and players. So there’s a wide variety of people who could be in his ear about all sorts of things.

I doubt we’ll ever know the complete story here beyond: 1.) Archie had some interest in NCSU; 2.) Archie never became a serious candidate for the job. The rest is mostly speculation, fueled by comments like the ones Archie’s dad made.

My advice would be not to sweat it, since history isn’t changing and therefore it doesn’t matter.