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Dennis Smith Jr. expected to announce decision to turn pro on Tuesday

Surprise! Dennis Smith is going pro. No, wait, I meant the opposite of “surprise.”

North Carolina State v Duke Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Dennis Smith Jr. has not made a formal announcement about his future at NC State, but that will change on Tuesday when he goes live on SportsCenter to discuss his plans. Smith, who is a certain NBA lottery pick, will be taking his dunktastic dunkery to the next level, obviously.

Still it is funny to watch certain national media members treat DSJ’s decision this week as some sort of scoop, which it most certainly is not. Gotta keep up those insider appearances, though, right? If you’re a sports journalist and you can’t actually write good, being well-connected is all you have.

Ahem. What was I talking about? Oh, that’s right.

All the best to Dennis Smith, who provided countless highlights during an otherwise unwatchable season. I look forward to watching him put dudes on a poster for years to come. We’ll always have that win in Cameron, and that insane victory dunk. I’m just going to dwell on that this week.

Go get paid, son, you’ve earned it. And thanks.