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2017 ACC Tournament: NC State is No. 13 seed, opens with No. 12 Clemson

hooray and stuff and whatnot

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

After Pittsburgh’s loss to Virginia Saturday afternoon, NC State is locked in to the 13-seed for the ACC tournament, which gets underway on Tuesday. In fact, the Wolfpack will be in the first game of the tournament, at noon that day. State will get a rematch with Clemson.

Feel the excitement!

As the No. 13 seed, State is on the 1/4/5 side of the bracket. UNC has clinched the No. 1 seed, and as of right now, Duke would be the No. 5 seed and Louisville the No. 4. There is still a lot of shuffling that can happen, though, depending on how the last few games of the day shake out.

There are a half dozen schools that came into today with chance at finishing with the five-seed (see all the scenarios here). There’s even a path for Virginia Tech to move up to five, which would be a lot more preferable for NC State, that is of course if the Pack shows up and actually wins on Tuesday.