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Omer Yurtseven invited to NBA Draft Combine

The big man’s future is unclear.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Omer Yurtseven has been invited to the NBA Draft Combine, per ESPN’s Jeff Goodman. Important note here, folks: you can attend the NBA Combine and still return to college, as long as you have not hired an agent (which Omer has not done). College basketball players have until late May to make their decision one way or the other.

So attending the combine does not jeopardize a player’s amateur status, which leaves the door open for Yurtseven’s potential return to Raleigh. I hope Yurtseven decides to come back, but if he decides to go pro, I can definitely understand that decision.

He’s probably not the best fit for Kevin Keatts’ system, at least on the defensive side, though I suspect he could benefit a lot from a team that gets into transition off of turnovers. That’s the goal of a Kevin Keatts team, it just depends on how long it’ll take to implement that system.