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BYU hires former NC State assistant Heath Schroyer, saves Wolfpack $310,000

Wow, thanks, BYU, it’s not even our birthday!

Brigham Young v Saint Mary's Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Heath Schroyer spent one season as an assistant at NC State and was not retained after Mark Gottfried was fired. Schroyer had another year on his NC State contract and State would have had to pay his salary unless he found another job ... which he just did.

Schroyer’s move to BYU gets NC State off the hook for $310,000, per Joe Giglio. Thank you for this kindness, BYU, we will plan on sending along a very nice fruit basket as a show of appreciation. Suddenly we got all this cash freed up that we weren’t sure we’d have, and boy are we gonna spend it indiscriminately.

Well, okay, that’s not my decision to make, but I mean, this is a celebration as far as I’m concerned and $300k can buy a lot of fun stuff, like, say, a red Lamborghini to lead the football team out of the tunnel. Or we could finally get that fountain that shoots out beer and hamburgers. (Patent pending.)