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Scott Wood still hates Under Armour’s terrible basketballs

That’s fair.

North Carolina State v Miami - ACC Semifinals Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Scott Wood was back in town recently and caught up with the N&O’s Joe Giglio on a variety of topics, including but not limited to the poor quality of Under Armour basketballs***. Wood is coming off a successful season with Golden State’s NBA D-League team.

(***They suck.)

(Here’s the midcourt shot Giglio mentions during the interview.)

I appreciate that Scott still holds a lot of animosity toward the Under Armour-brand basketballs, and now that Maryland—or Big Ten Ebola, as the school is more commonly known—is in another league it is hysterical to watch other players in that league slowly realize how much Under Armour’s basketballs suck.

There’s no escape anymore, though; more and more schools are accepting Under Armour apparel deals, which also has the unfortunate consequence of forcing them to use the UA-branded eggball. You don’t get everything with these contracts.

But Scott Wood’s always gonna give these stupid over-used-lookin’, middle-school-athletics-department-ran-out-of-funding-lookin’ crap-spheres precisely the amount of shit they deserve, which is all of it. That’s why Scott Wood is awesome.