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Noted Wolfpack fan Justin Bieber showing off his NC State pride

Wanna take you to the PNC, girl. Wanna show you all the hype to be, girl.

New Year's Eve Celebration at Fontainebleau Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Add to the list of this planet’s great unsolved mysteries the sight of Justin Bieber walking around New York City in NC State basketball shorts. Based on the pictures he is either going for the most random outfit conceivable or he’s a big Wolfpack fan. Certainly the odds are that it’s the latter.

(hat tip to the N&O)

Internet machine, zoom and enhance.

Perhaps he happened upon them because they matched his personalized leggings (and who doesn’t have a pair of those!) or maybe he is really on board with the vision Kevin Keatts has for the NC State basketball program.

At this point it couldn’t hurt to solicit the dude for donations to the Wolfpack Club. There’s got to be something fancy and unnecessary that we haven’t built for the football or basketball programs yet. I, for one, would be exceptionally proud to witness the unveiling of the Bieber Spa-Lounge-Bar-Grille-Casino Have Funnery Plaza addition to the Dail Center.