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Kevin Keatts still has an assistant coaching position to fill during key recruiting period

This isn’t a bad thing, necessarily, it’s just unusual.

Duke v North Carolina Wilmington Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

If there has been an unusual aspect to NC State’s coaching change this time around, it hasn’t had anything to do with the head coaching search; that went off just fine. Kevin Keatts was hired quickly after his team was eliminated from the NCAA tournament in mid-March, and since then he’s been filling out his staff.

Keatts has hired a pair of assistants, a director of basketball operations, and strength and conditioning coach, but he still has an opening for the third assistant spot on the bench. That is not something that usually takes this long—the Gott Man, for example, had his bench staff done a week after he was hired.

Situations vary, of course, and I’m not questioning Keatts’ organization or preparation here, it’s just unusual to see a program go into an active recruiting period using its director of basketball operations as one of its three allocated assistant recruiters. (The NCAA caps it at three. The DOBO can fill in if a team is missing a third assistant.)

It’s better to go into this time of year with your full coaching staff in place, but every transition comes with pains of some sort. None of which are guaranteed to affect recruiting one way or another.