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Mark Gottfried serving as assistant coach for Mavericks’ Orlando Summer League team

The Gott Man makes his return to the sidelines next month.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Gottfried will make his return to coaching in July as an assistant coach on the Dallas Mavericks’ Orlando Summer League team. The Gott Man will not have an opportunity to work with Dennis Smith, since Smith is going to play in the Vegas Summer League, not Orlando’s. But Cat Barber is on the Orlando team’s roster.

You have to like Cat’s prospects under the circumstances, since any struggles will immediately be reversed after Gott reminds Cat that he’s got to “be you, be Cat, do what Cat do.” After that there’ll surely be no stopping Barber.

This is a short coaching stint for Gottfried, as the summer schedule spans only one week of games, but maybe this is the stepping stone he needs in order to find a more permanent gig in Dallas or elsewhere. If nothing else, hey, it’s a comped trip to Orlando! Well, okay, maybe that perk isn’t the best.