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There won’t be any television or radio coverage of NC State’s games in Italy

Not surprising. Maybe a little disappointing, but not surprising.

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NC State is traveling to Italy on Wednesday for a 10-day stay that will include three exhibition basketball games. These games are set, but Kevin Keatts was unwilling to name either the opponents or the dates for the games during a press conference today, citing security concerns.

As you might expect based on that, there will be very little media coverage of the contests themselves. No television or radio coverage for any of them, Joe Giglio of the N&O reports. (With a little digging, Giglio at least managed to find a couple of game dates, it appears.)

That’s not really surprising based on State’s most recent trip overseas—the Pack was able to cobble together some internet audio streams for those games, but those were totally off-the-cuff productions and there was never any video.

Alas, there will be no sneak peek at the nascent version of Kevin Keatts basketball at NC State. We’re gonna have to live with whatever State opts to share over social media.