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NC State filing waiver with NCAA on behalf of Braxton Beverly

Hurry up and wait.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - UNC Wilmington v Virginia Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Jeff Goodman had a conversation with Kevin Keatts on Friday, and among other tidbits was the note that NC State is filing for an eligibility waiver for Braxton Beverly with the NCAA. This is not surprising news, I guess I’m just surprised this hadn’t been done sooner. Maybe it was and we’re only hearing about it now—but Beverly has only been on campus for a few weeks.

If you need catching up on the issue here: Beverly signed and enrolled at Ohio State and started taking summer classes before Thad Matta was fired in June. Beverly asked for and was granted his release by Ohio State but the fact that he started classes there calls into question his status in the eyes of NCAA bylaws.

If he had not started class, there’d be no question at all; he’d simply be treated like any other incoming freshman, eligible to play immediately. Because he did attend class, it’s possible the NCAA will instead classify him as an undergraduate transfer, which would force him to sit out this season.

Which of course would be nonsense, but this is the NCAA we’re talking about.

Before the team left for Europe, Keatts mentioned that it could take a month or two for Beverly’s situation to get sorted out with the NCAA. I see no good reason why it should take that long, but again: NCAA. So we wait.