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Highlights from NC State’s 100-64 win over Varese All-Stars

Kevin Keatts is 1-0! I mean, if we’re counting exhibition games played in Italy, and there’s no law saying we can’t.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Clemson vs NC State Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

There’s no live video coverage of any of the games NC State is playing in Italy, but it looks like we’re gonna get some highlights from each contest. I’ll take that. Free basketball in August, y’all. Here’s the reel State put together following the team’s big win over the Varese All-Stars on Saturday night:

A glimpse into the immediate future there with Al Freeman and Sam Hunt doing work, and a look at the longer term with C.J. Bryce getting to the rim and scoring on a few occasions. It’s nice to see Braxton Beverly on the floor here as well, with a nice dish to Shaun Kirk thrown in there.

Abdul-Malik Abu showed off his athleticism in this clip but there’s just something a bit different about Kirk’s dunks, like he reaches the next layer in the atmosphere ahead of everyone else. Anyway, all dunks are good, enjoy the video with the dunks. And here is Keatts post-game:

NC State’s next game is on Monday.