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NC State falls short in OT, 103-98, in 2nd game of Italy trip

Tougher competition meant a different outcome for the Wolfpack

Leaning Tower Offers Night Views

NC State played the second of three games on its Italy trip Monday in Pisa against a team called Da Ground or something thereabouts. The contest was close throughout, with State rallying from a seven-point halftime deficit to force overtime. Alas, the Pack didn’t have quite enough firepower to overcome their opponents and dropped the contest, 103-98.

Details are basically non-existent since NC State’s Twitter account opted not to tweet anything during the game, for whatever reason. But we do have a box score (albeit one that is very difficult to read) thanks to the hosts. There’s also quite a bit of video on Da Ground’s Facebook page.

If I am interpreting the box score properly, Malik Abu had a nice outing, scoring more than 20 points. It also looks like Sam Hunt knocked down half a dozen three-pointers.

Keatts had this to say afterward:

Definitely better to play a team that can keep up with you (and then some), but still a bummer to lose. All part of the building process, though.