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NC State finishes at No. 10 in men’s basketball attendance

Fan support is not one of the program’s problems, that’s for sure

NCAA Basketball: Duke at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA released its men’s basketball attendance report on Tuesday, and as usual, NC State was near the top of D-I in average attendance. The Wolfpack averaged almost 16,000 fans per home game, putting State in the company of a bunch of schools that were a whole lot better at the whole basketball thing last year.

But then, that’s how it typically goes. NC State has consistently drawn well throughout the ESA/RBC/PNC Arena era regardless of the quality of the product on the floor or the general state of the program, which remains an impressive feat.

One of these days NC State will have the on-court accomplishments to match the fan support. I mean, probably. You would think it’d have to happen by accident one year if nothing else, I mean we’re super due in this particular regard.

Anyway, good work, everybody.