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NC State receives vote from one brave AP Poll voter

In basketball. Yes, basketball.

NCAA Basketball: Penn State at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

As a fan it is at times easy to wonder, before or during or after a game, am I too biased? Have I gone too far into homer territory? We are all victims of emotion occasionally, and that’s okay, these things happen. But sometimes the outside world reminds us that no, no in fact we are all very sane.

One such member of said outside world is Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News, which is a publication not based in North Carolina. Or on this planet, apparently. Wilner placed the NC State men’s basketball team at No. 25 on his most recent AP Poll ballot. He was the only voter to rank the Wolfpack.

That might seem a little nutty, especially since this poll was tabulated after NC State’s 16-point loss at Clemson. But maybe Jon sees the potential in this Wolfpack squad that those of us closer to the situation are incapable of finding. Maybe he’s way ahead of the curve. Or maybe he checked the wrong box on his ballot this week. It’s probably one of those.