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NC State overcomes incalculable stupidity to beat Clemson, 78-77

NCAA Basketball: Clemson at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

I am not exactly sure where to start after watching the final couple of minutes of that game. NC State took a theoretically safe double-digit lead into the final 90 seconds but also managed to give Clemson a chance to force overtime at the free throw line.

Four Factors

Four Factors NC State Clemson
Four Factors NC State Clemson
eFG% 49.3 58.5
TO% 5.9 25
OR% 28.9 36.7
FTR 29.9 41.5

How State got there was an incredible combination of horrific decisions, the last of them being an awful shooting foul as Clemson attempted to tie the game while down three with 1.2 seconds remaining. Gabe DeVoe had three free throws to force overtime, and he made the first two but missed the last, saving the Wolfpack from itself. Holy shit.

NC State played a pretty good game overall, but that finish is going to dominate the story of this game, and understandably so. The Pack was exceptionally fortunate to get out of this mess with a win after erasing 38 minutes of goodwill. I’m still not sure how State won, or how State was in that spot, or how State could possibly have been in that spot, or how this did not end up a routine victory.

Sports, everybody! Oh god, sports.

NC State finished +13 in the turnover category and Omer Yurtseven had a career night, scoring 29 on 12-18 shooting, including 5-6 from beyond the arc. It was a strange night.

Strange, but strange in a way we can live with, since the Pack won. Holy shit that was some shit.