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NC State’s been great at home and extremely forgettable on the road

If this keeps up it’s going to be a weird year.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at Virginia Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

We’ll take NC State’s 2-3 start to league play—this was nearly the best-case scenario for an opening five-game slate that included four games against top-20 teams, with three of the five overall on the road. The Wolfpack so far is taking care of business at home, which is about all we can ask for.

It’s also extremely important for that to continue moving forward, since NC State has yet to show much of a pulse in road games. Three of State’s worst four offensive performances have come on the road (all in league play, obvs.). The UVA performance can be forgiven on account of it’s UVA, but the efforts at Notre Dame and Clemson are concerning.

(Oddly enough, State’s effort at UVA was its best of the three. Not that this is sayin’ much.)

Maybe NC State isn’t quite as bad of a road team as it’s shown—all three games have been against good teams, after all. But if this sort of below-average play continues away from the PNC, it’s going to put a lot of pressure on the team to keep winning at home.

Fortunately, State has been an entirely different team at home. The Pack handed both Duke and Clemson their worst defensive performances (in terms of points allowed per possession) of the entire season.

If nothing else, I guess, the bipolar nature of the team will keep things interesting.