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Highlights! NC State pulls off a stunner against Duke

Remove the brick of shame and attach the brick of triumph.

NCAA Basketball: Duke at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

It’s easy to get stuck on a couple of bad games and forget that college sports are extremely unpredictable, and a team that looked like garbage the last time out can look great in its next game. NC State was really damn good against Duke on Saturday night, and while that is not a baseline performance we can expect with any sort of consistency, hey, we can sure as hell enjoy it.

Duke averaged 1.13 points per possession on Saturday, and the Blue Devils have yet to be held under 1.1 PPP in a game this season. That offense is legit and it’s going to be there every night. Occasionally teams will be good enough to out-offense them, and surprising as it is, State now can count itself among that group.

NC State made 54.7% of its twos in this game and hit 23 of 25 free throw attempts, while also grabbing over 41% of its missed field goal attempts. That level of success in those areas will lead to positive results more often than not.