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Anonymous ACC basketball coaches rank NC State’s job 5th-best in the league

Sound about right or nah?

North Carolina State v Seton Hall Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Jeff Goodman recently polled a collection of ACC coaches—head coaches and assistants—about their opinions of the various league jobs. NC State came out fifth overall, behind (in order) Duke, Louisville, UNC, and Syracuse.

The anonymous assistant coach that Goodman quotes has good things to say about the program’s resources and the fan base ... and then also there is the standard knock (by a different ACC assistant? it’s not clear) on the fanbase for being a collection of unrealistic loonballs. You know how this stuff goes by now.

Goodman had the coaches vote 1-15 in a bunch of categories, and State scored highest in facilities/resources, recruiting base, tradition, and admission requirements.

I think if I had to order it, I’d flip Duke and UNC—Duke being the obvious house of cards here—around Louisville. I did chuckle at the general opinion that Duke has difficult admission standards, which is one example of the need for a grain of salt even from the people on the sidelines.

I’d also flip UVA and Syracuse, and I think the Pitt job is significantly underrated, but other than that this assessment feels about right. What do you think?