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Kevin Keatts advised Ian Steere to ‘take a couple days’ and think about his NC State future

We have hardly known ye, son.

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NC State freshman forward Ian Steere apparently just up and left the team this past week, after he logged only five minutes in the Wolfpack’s season-opener. Maybe he’s out the door, but as Kevin Keatts explained during his post-game presser on Saturday, Keatts suggested that Steere just just take a couple days to think.

Keatts’ remarks regarding Ian Steere begin around 2:50 in the video Inside Pack Sports posted yesterday.

Steere’s frustration at not playing much in the first game is understandable, and while this may all seem hasty, you have to remember also that this is a new era with different transfer rules, and if he hits the eject button now, there is a good chance he’ll be able to play right away next season at another school.

Hell, Blake Harris spent the entire fall semester with Missouri last season and he was still good to go at the start of this one.

The bottom line now is that you do have to speed up your decision-making process a bit to take full advantage of how things are set up. Even so, making a move after one game seems a tad hasty, which is why Keatts advised Steere to just take the weekend and think about it. Keatts referenced another discussion with Steere on Monday, so I’d guess we’ll have our answer, one way or the other, at that point.