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NC State improves to 4-0 with an 82-63 win over Maine

It’d be nice if at some point we get some usable photos from this season.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Operation Basketball Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Oh hey, basketball! I remember basketball. I spent none time watching the game Saturday, which I feel is the responsible thing to note today—it’s football season, folks, and I won’t feel bad about it. In fact I feel great about it since the football team won. But also so did the basketball team, by an 82-63 margin.

I did not see the game, but here are some highlights, wherein you can see people doing basketball.

If I had seen the game, then I’d probably be a little frustrated by the fact that State went into the break up 24 only to lose the second half by five. But I didn’t see it and so I’m not.

All 10 players once again got a good amount of run—nobody played fewer than 17 minutes, nobody more than 26. Kevin Keatts is letting his rotation sort itself out as much as possible in these early games, and that’ll pay off down the road. For now, the team is still figuring out who it is.