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ACC basketball at a glance: The first few weeks

Yeah it’s gonna be tough around here again.

NCAA Basketball: Colgate at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

We’re a ways off from league play, but we have a decent amount of information on each ACC team at this point, and so let’s see what we got goin’ on so far. There are nine ACC teams in the Pomeroy Ratings top 30, including four in the top 10.

Yes, folks, it appears that the league will be real good again. Who knew. Based on the early-season performances of everybody, there are four tiers within the league:


The 10-8 Gaggle

Notre Dame


Nine teams are playing like clear NCAA tournament-caliber squads at this point, and I would not be surprised to see Louisville work its way into that bunch as the year progresses. Notre Dame and Boston College, not so much.

Much of the fun (terror?) of college basketball season is figuring out how the middle portion of the ACC is going to sort out. Expansion has just made the whole thing more impossible—at this point a third of the league’s teams are almost indistinguishable from each other. NC State is among that group, not surprisingly. Who doesn’t love the harrowing roller-coaster ride of razor-thin margins on any given night!