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NC State drops Penn State, 89-78

Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

NC State’s game Saturday was a test of time. Penn State is objectively bad, but it is also talented enough to give pause to anybody it is playing. The Wolfpack worked too often to PSU’s favor in the first half, and so it was only a three-point margin at the break. NC State woke the hell up and blew Penn State the hell out in the second half, resulting in an 89-78 final.

Listen I’m not here to quibble with you; NC State is obviously better than these Pennsylvania-assed dudes. The Wolfpack was careless in the first half and for significant portions of the second half, which is the only reason why Penn State managed to hang around. We should have blown these guys out from the jump.

Also wow that is weird that I’m thinking that after a game like this. Penn State is a solid team. NC State is also a very good team, and Kevin Keatts is a winner. The better—much better—team won today.