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Highlights! NC State bottles some fury and rolls Penn State

Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Penn State didn’t have much business being in the game today, which is something NC State finally realized down the stretch. It took a minute, but hey, NC State figured it out and buried the Nittany Lions.

It’s annoying how much NC State tolerated the Nittany Lions today—the Wolfpack finished -3 in the turnover category—but if you allow a run long enough, the better team is going to win. NC State is much better than Penn State and that obviousness eventually got made plain.

Also did you guys see where Penn State’s coach threatened to kill someone:

So many chuckle-worthy moments from this game.

NC State managed to stall its success by being dumb with the ball in transition during the first half. This changed in the second period, and not surprisingly, the Pack walked away with the game.

When you stop playing right into the hands of your opponent, turns out, good things happen. Penn State had no business being in this game today. Penn State is a good team, by the way. Read into that what you will.