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Adidas can’t be bothered to update NC State’s alternate uniforms

Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Nothing quite shows you where you live in the college sports universe like the fact that you are stuck wearing last year’s threads. The players decided they wanted to wear black against Penn State, which is fine but also oops no one updated the black uniforms ha ha lol (tugs at collar).

That’s just an embarrassing oversight both for the school and adidas, particularly after the claptrap last spring about a brand new NC STATE FONT. These black uniforms do not feature said font. They have obviously been sitting in somebody’s drawer for a year.

I find this upsetting because darn it, I thought I’d seen the last of that hideous block lettering, but no, here it is one more time. Darn it.

Imagine UNC or Kansas or UCLA getting this treatment, though. Last year’s duds? Sorry we didn’t have time or something. Consistent branding is overrated anyhow. Put a new font on that, why don’t you.