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NCAA Basketball: Auburn at N.C. State Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Basketball is a good sport, but it also involves a lot of bullshit, if we’re being honest. There is a significant value to drawing contact in basketball, and dudes become flailing comedians as a result. You might hear “And onnnnnnne” after a clean layup, or also “HEY” after anything that went well or poorly.

Those are fine strategies on the offensive player’s part, because the ref is generally gonna give you the benefit of the doubt. Did you earn the benefit of the doubt? No matter! You shouted ‘HEY’!

What scoring opportunity got lost here? Was White-Ass McJenkins going to teleport in front of the basket? Sure, Wyatt Walker got caught in the air, but McFoosball here just splayed about like his mother’s decrepit 15-year-old cancer-ridden chihuahua—which, incidentally, has a better career field goal percentage.

We kid a lot around here, but man, I just hope that guy was able to figure out where he was.