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NC State cracks KenPom top 50 after win over Wake Forest

North Carolina State v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Under a lot of circumstances, it’s not exactly noteworthy to point out that a team has reached NC State’s current modest point in the Pomeroy Ratings, but certainly under the circumstances of this season, it’s impressive. The Ratings were low on NC State to begin the season, pegging the Wolfpack at 109 after the team finished Mark Gottfried’s final season in that spot.

An improvement of 60 places over the span of a few months, with a new head coach and a rotation assembled with duct tape and graduate transfers, is pretty good. Kevin Keatts has gotten the most out of this group, especially of late.

At No. 49 in the Ratings, NC State is basically right back where it was when it was routinely (or, er, annually) making the NCAAs under Gottfried. I don’t think many of us expected this level of bounce-back so soon.

Pack in the Pomeroy Ratings

NCSU Overall Rk Offense Rk Defense Rk
NCSU Overall Rk Offense Rk Defense Rk
2018 49 29 100
2017 109 46 229
2016 74 33 152
2015 32 25 76
2014 62 34 121
2013 33 10 122
2012 43 32 78

These days, NC State looks the part of an NCAA tournament team and it doesn’t feel ridiculous to think that it could win a game or two that first weekend. It’s hard to ask for much more than that from this group.