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Emails link former NC State coach Mark Gottfried and staff to Christian Dawkins

This ain’t good.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

The latest from Yahoo! Sports on Friday night details how Christian Dawkins operated as a runner for ASM Sports. Yahoo! has a bunch of emails that illustrate how Dawkins was running the recruitment of five-star prospect Brian Bowen, which amounted to using Bowen as a trade chip.

The emails detailed here are from 2016. Bowen, you may recall, committed to Louisville out of the blue in early June 2017, and Dawkins was among the people accused of establishing a scheme to funnel $100,000 to Bowen’s family in exchange for that commitment. Dawkins was arrested and faces a lengthy prison sentence. ASM Sports’ office was raided by the FBI.

But back to those 2016 emails. We know for certain that Mark Gottfried and his staff were among those heavily recruiting Brian Bowen. We also know, now, that Gottfried, Orlando Early, and Butch Pierre had contact with Dawkins in August 2016. Dawkins wrote this in an email to then-boss Andy Miller on Aug. 29:

“On Butch Pierre he never called me back but Gottfried and Orlando Early both called me over the weekend on separate matters”

Those matters are never specified in the email, nor is there anything else in that message or Yahoo!’s story detailing the relationship between Dawkins and State’s staff. But given the time frame, I’d be surprised if this is the only time NC State’s former staff members show up in a Dawkins email.

The Gott man popping up in Dawkins’ correspondence isn’t incriminating, necessarily—at least not in this specific email—but it’s obviously not the best look to be directly connected to a guy whose shady dealings got him arrested on multiple felony charges. That Gottfried and Dawkins had a relationship, that Dennis Smith allegedly received a lot of money from Dawkins’ agency ... well, you can imagine all the bad places this might go.