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Highlights! NC State’s hot shooting streak rolls on against FSU

Let’s just keep on doin’ this thing right here.

NCAA Basketball: Florida State at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes I have trouble believing what’s happened over the last couple of months, even though I’ve witnessed almost all of this team’s progression from unsteady to legitimately good. This season has gone so far beyond expectation it’s just hard to wrap my brain around it. Didn’t expect this year to be so much fun. And the fun ain’t stoppin’ as long as NC State is shooting like this ...

After Sunday night, NC State is averaging 1.08 points per possession in ACC games, which ranks fifth. The Wolfpack is up to third in three-point field goal percentage and fourth in effective field goal percentage. Those early-January struggles feel like they came from another season entirely.

Here are State’s eFG% numbers in its last five games (in order): 60.2, 65.3, 60.2, 66.3, 59.9. Not surprisingly, NC State also cracked 1.1 points per possession in all five. The guys picked a hell of a time to get hot, what with a tournament bid in the balance. 10-6, man, 10-6! This is crazy.