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NC State’s resurgent perimeter scoring fuels its win streak

Lately it’s been raining threes around Raleigh.

NCAA Basketball: Florida State at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

There was a time when NC State’s perimeter offense felt like a huge liability, but lately? No, not so much. A lot of the particulars of the Wolfpack’s current four-game winning streak are impressive, beginning with the team’s shooting—and more specifically, its three-point shooting.

As a team, NC State is 45-90 from three-point range over the last four games. (NC State also hit over 50% of its threes against UNC, which was the last loss before this streak.) Sam Hunt is 14-17 during the streak and has raised his season-long 3FG% to 41.8, which is easily the best mark of his career.

Al Freeman is 11-24 (.458) from three during the winning streak, while Braxton Beverly is 8-16. So each of State’s main perimeter contributors has been exceptional of late, and that’s made a huge difference to the offense in general. Turns out if you make threes at a high rate it leads to good things. Who knew.

Some regression is probable here, but I’d prefer to think of these numbers as a reflection of a group that is more comfortable than it was a couple of months ago. And they don’t have to keep hitting half of their threes to be dangerous moving forward—merely being good rather than great will suffice. (I’d take great, though.)

If they can remain consistently effective, they can do a lot of damage in March.