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It’s game day for NC State in the NCAA tournament: This is no time for work

Here we’ll just be theorizing work.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Wichita Practice Kelly Ross-USA TODAY Sports

I will have a proper NCAA tournament discussion/game thread up around lunch time, but until then, I was thinking the most effective way for all of us to do nothing while pretending to be constructive would be to just hang out here. If you’re typing in a comment at the site, after all, it sounds like work of some kind—I mean you must be busy if you’re typing; that’s the most obvious indicator of a busy man about town.

So anyway, it’s game day and this is the NCAA tournament, and it’s either the last day of the NC State basketball season or an extension of an enjoyable year. THIS IS TERRIFYING. God I’ve missed this. We should really do this more often.

Gonna be tough to concentrate this morning. Lotta challenges in re: concentration.