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Cal State Northridge’s decision to hire Mark Gottfried is good for NC State ... uh, right?

Y’know, in terms of this whole FBI/NCAA/Dennis Smith dealio.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

A little over a year after being fired by NC State, Mark Gottfried has got himself another gig—he is now the head coach at Cal State Northridge. It’s a wee bit of a step down, but it beats not doing anything, if you’re in to doing things when you could otherwise be doing nothing.

Naturally, questions regarding the Gott man’s potential involvement in an FBI investigation into the recruitment of Dennis Smith Jr. came up. And Northridge has said that it found “no red flags” in its vetting of Gottfried, which, I mean, that’s good right? Surely no institution in its right mind would risk getting caught up in the ongoing FBI investigation into college basketball, especially not an institution already looking at a lengthy rebuild. Right?

In January, NC State received a subpoena for records regarding the recruitment of DSJ as well as personnel files for Gottfried and former assistant Orlando Early. If that development didn’t hurt Gottfried’s chances to land a new job, perhaps that means there isn’t much to see here. At least that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself.

Plus I’m sure the Gott man has been proactive in disposing of his burners. Er, not that he had any.