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NC State basketball 2018 season highlights

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-North Carolina State vs Seton Hall Kelly Ross-USA TODAY Sports Images

As we continue to wrap up the year that was in men’s hoops, below is a look back at the sights and sounds of Kevin Keatts’ first season as head coach. I miss it already.

It’s amazing what a change from a stale coaching staff can do, even under some difficult circumstances. Change some attitudes, pick up a big win or two early, and the belief seeps back in, and look there, Kevin Keatts is a winner.

If I’d bothered seriously conceiving of a best-case scenario for this season, what actually happened would be darn close to it. I probably still would have missed low on the 21 win total. It was a fun year and I’ll miss this group; it was good to have the fun back, fun that gives actual reason to, say, make a highlight reel in the first place. Hopefully there are a lot more fun times in our immediate future.