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NC State’s NCAA tournament position secure heading into championship week

Who knew this would be a thing anyone could say.

NCAA Basketball: Florida State at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

It was an improbable destination, but here we are, with the ACC tournament still to be played and NC State having nothing in particular to worry about. Winning the ACC tournament would be awesome, truly an incredible capper to what has already been an incredible year, but the larger goal is made—the Wolfpack is going to be in the NCAA tournament.

State’s steady performance over the last few weeks has pretty much guaranteed a spot in the NCAAs, barring some sort of preposterous run by bid thieves over the next week. But even if a handful or more at-large bids dry up at the hands of mid-major rabble-rousers, it’s highly unlikely that NC State won’t have a spot in the field. What a time.

The latest tournament field projection from Joe Lunardi has NC State as a nine-seed, which is where the Pack was last week. The Bracket Matrix puts the Wolfpack in that same range, comfortably ahead of the cut line and also well ahead of the group that will end up playing in Dayton. Who knew we’d end up playing for seeding this week, with that being the only remaining suspense.