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NC State remains a No. 9 seed in ESPN bracketology

Remain calm, folks.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-NC State vs Boston College Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

If you feel like panicking in the wake of NC State’s ACC tournament loss to Boston College, that is your business, and we do have a lot of time to fill between now and Sunday evening, it’s true. But I don’t recommend getting all bleary-eyed furiously combing over bracket projections and over-thinking things, because it’s doubtful that the loss changed much for the Wolfpack. (Which is good.)

NC State hasn’t lost any ground in the at-large pecking order, as far as Joe Lunardi is concerned—he still has the Pack as No. 9 seed (this time against Creighton). He also has State a seed line ahead of FSU, which has been bounced and cannot make up any ground, and the Wolfpack is also well ahead of Louisville, Notre Dame, and Syracuse.

NC State’s average seed projection is also holding at nine, per Bracket Matrix. It is possible that the popular opinion is off base, but it’s unlikely that the difference between these projections and the committee’s reality is so disparate that State misses the field entirely.