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Standards are the Problem

Who’d a thunk it?!?!

NC State v Louisville Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

One of the most damning summary articles on UNC regarding their 20-years-long athletic/academic scandal I have read (The News & Observer; Brian Murphy; posted 5/10/18; updated 5/11/18):

UNC essentially avoided punishment by exploiting technicalities in the NCAA rules. As the article discusses at length, UNC argued they did not violate any standards because they had no standards – amazing and disgusting.

With NC State, there is an ongoing investigation on whether one basketball coach one time was involved in paying Dennis Smith to come to State. If he was a rogue coach, then he should be punished – not the university.

Comparing the UNC scandal and the current State coach investigation – there is no moral equivalency here.

BUT, if the university was complicit, I hope they pin us to the wall. When one soils the reputation of a great university, punishment should follow – I would have zero interest in us “getting away with it.”