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NC State offseason sportsball review: Men’s basketball wins in Syracuse, 74-70

The only games we got right now are the ones that already happened. Here is one such game.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Kinda quiet around this offseason, ain’t it? More than usual, maybe. Or possibly I think each subsequent offseason is more boring than the last, whether that is true or not. But really—there is nothing happening right now. They say that football season is like 70 days away, but this is not true: it’s a million days away. Frankly, I’m worried about how things may devolve around here.

In an effort to avoid the above, let’s watch some old sports. Who knows, maybe this offseason will be boring enough for me to do this for the next two months.

For whatever reason last night, I started watching NC State’s win at Syracuse from this past basketball season. The game was more entertaining than I had remembered—I mean, we even managed to drag the Orange’s plodding asses into the 70s.

This was the start of a four-game winning streak that really helped solidify State’s NCAA tournament status and included the late-game heroics of Markell Johnson, who hit the game-winning shot with 33 seconds remaining. That was after Syracuse rallied from eight down with 2:45 left. The win probability graph from this game is fun, too:

Wheeee! Sports!