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Early college basketball odds put NC State at 20:1 to reach 2019 Final Four

Go ahead and book those plane tickets.

NCAA Basketball: Florida State at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Some might say it is a waste of time right now to talk about the 2019 Final Four; others, an incredible waste of time. But hey, if the Westgate Superbook in Las Vegas wants to put out Final Four odds in June, then what the heck. NC State’s Final Four odds opened at 20/1.

If you would like to use Westgate’s odds as a proxy for the ACC standings, here’s how they having things shaking out:

Duke 5/4
UNC 9/2
UVA 9/2
Syracuse 12/1
FSU 15/1
VT 15/1
Miami 20/1
NCSU 20/1
Clemson 20/1
Louisville 25/1
Notre Dame 25/1
BC 75/1
GT 100/1
Wake 100/1
Pitt 1000/1 (heh)

NC State’s Final Four odds are the seventh-best in the league, tied with Miami and Clemson. The Wolfpack’s roster is largely unproven, but clearly these particular oddsmakers are erring on the side of Kevin Keatts, noted winner. (Honestly, 20/1 does seem a tad optimistic though.)