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Early bracketology has NC State making 2019 NCAA tournament

North Carolina State v Illinois Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Will NC State be a tournament team in 2019? Heck if I know. The roster is so drastically different that it is difficult to make educated guesses. Fortunately, this is June, and this is no time for educated anythings. And so it is in this spirit that I note both Joe Lunardi and, more recently, Jerry Palm have NC State making the 2019 NCAAs.

Palm is the more optimistic of the two, pegging the Wolfpack as a No. 7 seed. That works for me. Will he prove more accurate? Possibly. Will he prove more inaccurate? Also possibly. Just call him Hazard McGuesstown.

There is one fundamental fact that we can use at this stage for the basis of any prognostications, though: Kevin Keatts is a winner. We can safely assume this will remain a consistent law through all time, much like gravity, or that smell coming from College Park.