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Who will be NC State basketball’s leading scorer this season?

I can say with confidence that it will not be me. But other than that...

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I was pondering the leading scorer question yesterday after discovering Bart Torvik’s initial player projections for next season. Torvik’s system expects Torin Dorn to lead NC State with a shade over 16 points per game in 2019, followed by Markell Johnson at 12.3 and C.J. Bryce at 11.3.

That seems like a reasonable bump in scoring for Dorn, who averaged about 14 per game last season; given the roster turnover, there’s a pretty good chance that his workload increases, and his scoring along with it.

But I also would not be surprised if it were one of the now-eligible transfers—either Bryce or Devon Daniels—that ends up leading the way. It’s going to be one of these three guys, right? Unless you think Markell Johnson becomes quite a bit more assertive in hunting his shot this year and not being as deferential as he was in 2018.

If it’s not any of the guys I’ve mentioned in this post, then uh, NC State is going to be a lot better than anyone expects. Who you got?

(On an unrelated note, Torvik’s site is an outstanding proxy for Ken Pomeroy’s site and does not have a paywall. Might want to bookmark it.)