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No, the people running the NCAA’s website don’t watch basketball, either

NBA Hall of Fame Induction Weekend

Some folks at the NCAA decided to spend this offseason by creating a hypothetical tournament between the country’s best all-time college basketball teams. Now, I have several problems with this. In fact I have at least a dozen problems with this, and the entire process and the results.

But we might as well just start with the criteria and who decided the whatnow. This is straight from the article on this dealio:

Everyone loves the NCAA tournament so this offseason, put together a March Madness-style bracket to determine the greatest college basketball starting five of all-time.

Thirty-two schools qualified for the bracket, which features four regions with eight teams each, seeded No. 1 through No. 8, in a five-round, single-elimination format. Voting will be conducted on the @MarchMadness Twitter account beginning Tuesday, July 17, and the team with more fan votes in each matchup will advance to the next round. Voting will also take place in March Madness Instagram Stories, where the results will serve as a tiebreaker if the Twitter results are 50-50.

Players and teams were selected and seeded by Andy Katz and the editorial team based on a combination of legendary status, on-court performance and career achievements.

Based on this criteria, they developed a field of 32 teams, and based on the seeding, NC State was one of the last four teams in the field. NC State, a No. 8 seed, was matched up against No. 1 seed UNC.

First of all, heh, I mean, of course they would do that. And secondly and more importantly, please be offended about the seeding. Wake Forest is a five-seed somehow on here. Really none of the seeding makes sense.

Now but also, THIS is who they decided would comprise NC State’s all-time five (and also UNC’s all-time five):

Listen, I have no qualms with Vinny Del Negro. I don’t care about the Chicago Bulls, which probably helps. Ahem. But Vinny Del Negro has no business on this team. No Corchiani, no Monroe, no Julius Hodge, no Dereck Whittenburg, no Tommy Burleson ... I dunno, I feel as though this is not NC State’s best tournament five, even if we include only the players who played in the NCAAs.

Should we care about this? Oh no, oh no no no. Christ, what are we doing? So anyway, if you have to build an all-time Wolfpack team for a hypothetical best-of-the-best NCAA tournament, who you got?