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No official word on Markell Johnson injury, but Johnson says he’s okay

NCAA Basketball: Pittsburgh at N.C. State Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Markell Johnson played only nine minutes for NC State on Saturday thanks to the frightening fall he endured midway through the first half. Johnson went skying for a block on a Pitt layup attempt and was clipped awkwardly in midair, which caused him to land hard on his lower back/tailbone.

Kevin Keatts didn’t have an update on Markell for reporters immediately after the game, but Johnson did tell a couple media members that he’s okay.

Of course, playing against Wake Forest isn’t his call to make, but obviously it’s encouraging if he’s feeling well enough today to say that he’ll be good to go. When he was helped off the court, he wasn’t able to put pressure on either leg. He returned to the team bench for the second half, and he was in good spirits as the Pack salted away the victory.

No doubt Markell is gonna be sore for a few days, but if that’s the worst of it, then both he and NC State are fortunate.