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NC State pulls off improbable 69-67 win over Clemson thanks to Braxton Beverly’s buzzer-beater

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Whew. Wow. What? What just happened? Did I see that right? NC State just spent an entire afternoon playing mostly like garbage and then pulled its feet out of the fire with an incredible final minute?

Braxton Beverly, take a bow, son. Holy hell what a shot.

Now sure I could spend a significant amount of time detailing just what was bad and wrong about NC State’s performance this afternoon, but who could want that, why would that be important right now? It’s extremely not important right now.

What a damn finish. And who knows, maybe we look back in a month and say this was a turning point. State was well on its way to a bad loss at home and then that last minute happened, and all of the ill will was forgotten.

Sports are painful sometimes right up until they are amazing. I got nothing else. Let’s go watch that final shot on loop.