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Virginia comes to NC State with a resurgent offense

NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Playing a Tony Bennett Virginia team is bound to be as painful as it is normally, what the Cavaliers once again playing some of the best defense in the country. The Cavs rank second in defensive efficiency this year and have finished in the top five in five of the last seven seasons.

What’s different about this UVA team is how much more frightening it is at the offensive end, and this is what makes this the best team in the country as far as I’m concerned. The Cavaliers have had good offenses consistently during Bennett’s time there but rarely have they been elite. This year you could argue they have the best offense in college basketball, which is rather frightening to consider.

UVA’s lead trio of guards Ty Jerome and Kyle Guy and wing De’Andre Hunter gives this team the sort of diversified attack it hasn’t always been able to feature. Hunter in particular is a fantastic season and I’ve really been impressed by his play when I’ve had the chance to see him. He can do a little bit of everything, from rebounding to scoring off the dribble, and he’s shooting well from everywhere on the floor. Tough kid, tough matchup.

UVA has been the most efficient offense in league play, and it is hitting over 40% of its threes in those games. The Cavs are a bit more perimeter-oriented than usual, which is fine since they’re ranked 13th overall in three-point accuracy. They’re shooting well from the field in general and they’re great at the foul line.

They are extra scary because they just do not turn the ball over—they rank first nationally in turnover rate, giving it up on a meager 13.5% of possessions. Thank goodness the Cavs aren’t an exceptional offensive rebounding team, or else I dunno how you’d slow them down.

Regardless, this offense presents a steep challenge.

The Pomeroy Predictor likes UVA by 10.