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NC State basketball travels to ECU for preseason closed-door scrimmage

NCAA Basketball: Houston at East Carolina James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

In college basketball, schools get an exhibition game and a closed scrimmage or two, if they want them. The scrimmages are never officially announced but media members always get wind of ‘em anyhow. This year NC State will be traveling to East Carolina. The Wolfpack hosted the Pirates for a scrimmage last year.

There are some pretty good matchups in there, though they are destined to live in obscurity with no media coverage whatsoever.

These scrimmages are good for two things: they let you size up your squad against live competition, and they allow fans to build enormous but totally founded expectations based on the rumored results.

My cousin’s step-dad says he heard Markell dunked from the three-point line!

Wow, Final Four, baby!

East Carolina, as usual, ain’t much good at the basketball. You hate to see it. The Pirates finished last season at No. 264 in the Pomeroy Ratings and won only 10 games in 2019.