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NC State succumbs to stupidity, Georgia Tech in 82-81 overtime defeat

Man it’s too early in the season for this shit.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament- North Carolina State vs Clemson Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

You know what, I’ve changed my mind. Opening the year with a league game is not a fun or neat idea, it is the worst idea anyone has ever had, and I disagree with it on principle. The circumstances on Tuesday night were so ridiculous, what with both Markell Johnson and DJ Funderburk absent, that I don’t even know the right way to feel.

Other than angry I mean. Instead of discussing a yawner over some low mid-major program, here I am instead rage typing (34% more therapeutic than regular typing) over a spectacularly dumb NC State loss to Georgia Tech in the first week of November. This stupid universe.

Hey but it went well for a time there, didn’t it? Those parts where NC State looked like it might not in fact pay for the absence of its star point guard and most talented big man? When NC State was up by 15 late in the first half? We were doing the thing, man. The thing was being done.

And then oh so undone it became. NC State will be fine and I don’t think this game is going to matter in the final accounting, and maybe by the next game I’ll actually believe that. So much silliness at the end of this game in both regulation and overtime, and yet it was all just right there for the winning for the Wolfpack. Ugh.